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Ralph Bärtle

Volcano Bike Founder

Starting out as a surf and sailing instructor, Ralph began building the first bike station in the south of Fuerteventura in 1994. Since that time he has worked meticulously to establish the sport of cycling on the Canary Island of the Sun. For more than 20 years he was able to develop and consolidate Volcano Bike as the leading supplier in the bike sport on Fuerteventura. 

On 02. December 2014 Ralph died of the consequences of a serious illness. Nevertheless, his strength, his ideas and his spirit will always remain part of Volcano Bike and the whole sport of biking in the Canary Islands. Rest in peace, Ralph!


Chris Owner von Volcano Bike & Surfers Island.

In 2002 it pulled the Berliner by birth in the distance. Under his motto „better live with water sport“ he came true on Fuerteventura the dream of own water sport school. Since 2015 is also Volcano bike a part of his life and he provides day by day with Motivtion, good mood for the always relaxed and informal atmosphere in all stations.


Bike Guide Chris

Our bike guide Chris is a firm component ofthe Volcano bike teams for 3 years. Whether racing wheel or mountain bike, ontour or in the workshop. . . . Chris is quick, thoroughly always punctual. . .


Stationsleiter Jandia

Lukas is our station manager at our station in Jandia. He was born in the west of the Czech Republic and has been on the road on two wheels since he can remember. Starting with BMX, over Dirtbike, he now rides a lot of Enduro-MTB. He knows all the trails and drops in the area. He is also a super nice guy.


Bike Mechanic Yaschar

Yaschar the first time came 18 years ago to Fuerteventura where he has got to know the coasts and with the biking the inside of the island with the windsurfing very well. 

Now for three years he lives here and offers you bicycle tours of all difficulty steps by every conceivable scenery.


Bike Mechanic

Adrian, the Spanish - Italian happy nature is a firm part of the Volcano Bike Team. Adrian lived in Munich for a long time, where he discovered bike sport for himself. At Volcano Bike he is now working as a mechanic!



Bike Mechanic / Bike Guide

Konrad, the power machine from Heidelberg, whether racing bike or mountain bike, he feels comfortable on both pieces of sports equipment and will accompany you on our tours. Regular participation in mountain bike cross country or marathon competitions reflect his passion for biking.


Jonas - Bike Mechanic

Jonas is awesome. Since he is with Volcano Bike everybody loves to join us. His work, his motivation, his style... he also makes you faster! He is a great teammate....


Hartmut is the good soul in the Volcano Bike Team

Always very much sensibly and always hasan open ear for his guests. 
Mr. Bohny accompanies tour to You on theeasy bike.